our Regular pattern of worship

Everyone is welcome to come and join us at the following public services

In addition to the following services the church is open daily for personal prayer and reflection

The clergy of the parish use the church to say morning and evening prayer and welcome others to join with them 

1st Sunday of the month                 09:00  Holy communion (Book of common prayer)

                                                                   10:30  traditional Common worship eucharist  

2nd sunday of the month               09:00  Holy communion (Book of common prayer)

                                                                   10:30  Family service

                                                                                              (A service with bible readings, a short talk and singing with our younger members in mind)  

3rd Sunday of the Month                09:00 holy communion (book of common prayer)

                                                                   10:30  traditional Common Worship eucharist

4th sunday of the month                09:00 holy Communion (book of common prayer)

                                                                   10:30  Family eucharist

                                                                                               (A less formal communion service for the whole family)

5th sunday                                             09:00  Holy communion (book of common prayer)

                                                                                                (for those who don't like surprises)

                                                                    10:30  variable

Regular Services 

St Mary's Gisburn

Services this month.